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We are committed to providing all facets of modern dental care. We do this by staying on the cutting edge of dentistry, and tailoring each session to that person or family’s needs. We also provide Emergency Dentistry and Toothaches as well as Late Night, Weekend, and After-Hours Dentistry


Exceptional friendly service, excellent systems and hardware. Samuel was extremely knowledgeable and skilled. I'm very satisfied with the end result. Highly recommended.

Dr Kerry Chen was fantastic. She was so thorough with my treatment and explained everything wonderfully. She answered all of my questions and was incredibly helpful. Thank you

This is the most amazing dental practice. From the warm receptionist who goes out of her way to distract nervous patients, to the skilled and very talented assistant to the extremely competent professional dentist - never knew going to the dentist didn't have to be an ordeal.

This is honestly the best dental practise I have ever been to. All staff were wonderful. Dentist was gentle and gave full information. Not once did he try to shame me about the condition of my teeth. Instead he was understanding, explaining to me existing medical conditions and age could be factors. I left feeling so grateful for the awesome service. Will definitely be returning to them.

Colombo St Dental is a really great dental clinic. Great hours with late night options, very reasonable pricing and exceptional service. Dr Sam Brady provides top quality service and is very friendly. He is great at discussing with you your oral health without being condemning. Great to have a dentist I enjoy seeing (as much as you can enjoy going to the dentist). Thanks!

Regular customer, awesome people to deal with. Tells you exactly what you need and nothing you don't. Will continue going here.

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Toothache Advice

Pain when you're eating?

This is a better type of toothy problem and could be that you just need a consultation for $137 dollars and we can assess the costs of restoring the holes or find the source of weaknesses in your teeth. 

In the mean time try using Colgate Pro Relief, or Sensodyne Rapid Relief Toothpaste.

They are two market leading toothpastes than can help hugely in sensitive teeth.

In the mean time avoid eating too hard on that tooth, and also avoid anything too hot or too cold.

Is this pain making you take pain medication regularly and stops you sleeping?

This sounds like a real toothache.

See a dentist as soon as possible. Common treatments for this are extractions or root canal therapy of teeth. Some other disorders of the mouth like sinus pain, clenching teeth and gum disease can also lead to severe pain and a dentist will need to assess you for these problems. We will often also prescribe you antibiotics.

You cannot do this at home, so taking ibuprofen and paracetamol together has been proven to be a good off the counter combination of supermarket pain killers that will reduce the pain you are suffering. Always check with your doctor if you are worried about allergies to medications.