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Wisdom Teeth & Sedation


Do my wisdom teeth need removing?

While the average adult has four wisdom teeth, this does not apply to everybody - some may have fewer or even none! Wisdom teeth typically emerge when you are a young adult as your jaw develops to its full size. Due to evolution and changes in our diet, our jaw has become smaller over time resulting in insufficient spaces for wisdom teeth to emerge properly which can lead to various issues.  

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. Some people's wisdom teeth come in properly without causing any issues. However, for most other individuals, the wisdom teeth can cause discomfort and pain. Here are some scenarios that indicate you may have to get your wisdom teeth removed:

  • Partial eruption: the wisdom tooth is partly through and cutting through the gums but not able to fully erupt causing the gums to be inflamed and infected. Food can often get trapped in the area. 
  • The wisdom teeth is decayed: This is often caused by the inability to access and clean this area properly as there is not enough space. 
  • Damage in the surrounding teeth: 

Getting an assessment

If you are experiencing pain or concerns surrounding your wisdom teeth - it is best to come in for a consultation where our dentists will assess and discuss your options with you. We have a OPG and CT scanning machine in house which helps us identify their positions and identify and potential risks  such as proximity to nerves or sinuses. Understanding these risks beforehand allows us to plan and reduce the chances of complications during and after surgery. 


Is sedation the right option for me?

Sedation can be a good option for treatments such as extraction of several teeth at once, especially if you are anxious about the procedure. Patients are sometimes advised getting sedation for the extraction of wisdom teeth as they sit right at the back of your mouth - making access to them difficult and uncomfortable. At Colombo Street Dental, we offer the option of IV sedation. This means you are awake but you feel relaxed, and you often don't remember a lot about the procedure afterwards. During the initial assessment, our dentists will assess the complexity of the procedure as well as take into account your medical history and medications and give you some guidance on whether sedation is a preferable option for you.


At Colombo Street Dental, we aim to be transparent with our pricing so that our patients and rest at ease knowing there are no surprises. These pricing are a rough guideline as every individual is different. During our initial assessment, our dentists will discuss your treatment plans and exact quotes for you. 

Initial Assessment: Consultations are $137 and includes a set of x-rays. Any additional x-rays/scans required may come at an additional charge which we will discuss with you at the appointment. 

Upper Wisdom Tooth: $297 

Lower Wisdom Tooth (Surgical Extraction): $525

All 4 Wisdom Teeth: $1300

IV Sedation: $500