Services and Pricing

We strive to get to know the person first

We can perform minimal intervention Microsurgery by use of our Zeiss Microscope optics. Allowing for precise, painless and hassle free in-house work. All delivered with the care and attention to detail only possible through the lens of a microscope.

We are committed to providing all facets of modern dental care. We do this by staying on the cutting edge of dentistry, and tailoring each session to that person or family’s needs. We also provide Emergency Dentistry and Toothaches as well as Late Night, Weekend, and After-Hours Dentistry:

Oral Health check ups and clean.
Dental Scans including Bitewing X-rays, OPG Jaw Xray, and CT Scans.
Cosmetic dentistry: Tooth Bleaching & Whitening, Veneers, Dentures & Plates, Bridges. CAD/CAM Dentistry.
Extractions: Wisdom Teeth Removal & Sedative Options
Fillings and cavity treatments, root canal, crowns and implant restorations.

You are never too late to find your smile

New Patient Deals

Initial New Patient Comprehensive Exam and all X-rays and Scans included $137*

Initial New Patient Examination, Xrays and Cleaning appointment $203*

*note some patients require extensive treatment planning or cleaning not manageable in one 20, or 30, 45 minute appointment. In these cases all charges will be discussed at initial appointment for followup work required.

Our Dental Services

Available Discounts

WINZ quote, Mon-Fri $69 This discounted rate only applies if notified at time of booking.

Simple Extraction (Tooth removal) including Xray $297. (Note: If you have a Community Services Card this can be as little as $40, please ring for details)

10% discounts for  fillings and extractions for students, gold card, and community services card holders. These discounts do not stack. 

Tooth plate

Crowning Teeth Options

Dental Crowns can be a costly and drawn out process. It doesn't have to be!

Hybrid Crowns starting at $650
Monolithic EMAX starting at $1299
Zirconia, PFM and Pressed Emax starting at $1450 -$1550

Most crowns made in one day on site in the same appointment. 

Painting Crown